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Fuego has closed for operatiopn effective July 31, 2015

Thank you for your patronage over the past 5 years.

We had fun!

3-6pm Mon.-Fri.
featuring $4

16oz Sangria
Spanish Wines
Premium Pints
Well Drinks
16oz Margaritas

First happy hour purchase includes complimentary Spicy Fuego Chips.

All bottled wine
1/2 Price

not valid Wednesday April 22
Thurs. 3pm-close
Ladies receive
discounted Tapas and
2 for 1

16oz Sangria
Spanish Wines
Premium Pints
Well Drinks
16oz Margaritas

Not valid Thursday April 16

All 100% Vegan dishes are represented with green print.
* Indicates 100% Gluten free dishes. Any dishes served with bread on the side are not considered gluten free!
Traditional Spanish chilled soup consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers and other seasonably fresh vegetables and spices.
*Spicy Chorizo and Chicken Cream Soup
Spanish Chorizo, chicken breast, cream and seasonings with a hint of Tabasco.
Fresh Baby Kale salad
Fresh baby kale served topped with pickled red onion,sliced strawberries, and toasted almonds, finished with a citrus mustard vinaigrette dresseing.
*The Bleu Salad
Butter leaf lettuce, crumbled Bleu Cheese, walnuts, served with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
*Fresh Spinach Salad
Fresh Spinach topped with mushrooms, hard-boiled egg and a hot Jamon Serrano Bacon dressing.
*Fresh Fruit & Cheese Plate
Seasonal fresh fruit and aged Spanish Manchego, Mahon, and Iberico cheeses.
Plato Combinado
Traditional plate of Spanish cured meats & cheeses: Jamon Serrano, Spanish Chorizo, Spicy Copa, with aged Manchego, Mahon and Iberico Cheese. Served with the Tortilla Espanola, and Kalamata olives.
*Marcona Spanish Almonds
Imported Spanish almonds with Sunflower oil & Sea Salt.
*Imported Spanish Cocktail Mix
A crunchy mix of corn kernels, pistachios, largueta almonds, fava Beans, chickpeas, vegetable oil, rice flour and sea salt.
*Paella Fuego Style
A mildly spiced traditional Spanish dish of prawns, scallops, tilapia, baby clams, chicken, and Spanish Chorizo, served on a bed of saffron rice
with a rustic roll and butter.
How spicy would you like your Paella; mild, medium, hot, or Fuego?
*Vegetarian Paella
Fresh vegetables of the season Paella served on a bed of saffron rice.
Patatas Bravas
Spicy Roasted tri-colored potatoes topped with Brava sauce, a mildly spicy tomato and red bell pepper sauce.
*Tapenade Stuffed Mushrooms
Five mushrooms stuffed with a Tapenade of diced Kalamata olives, garlic, capers, and cilantro served warm.
*Fuego Black Bean Relish
Chilled Spicy blend of black beans, corn, cilantro, and spices. Served with tortilla chips. It's spicy good!
Marinated and broiled for added flavor. Served hot with garlic dill aioli for dipping.
*Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts braised with a balsamic citrus and brown sugar marinade.
Tapenade with Rustic Bread
Sliced Rustic Sour Dough served with a Tapenade of diced Kalamata olives, garlic, capers, and cilantro.
*Stuffed Piquillo Peppers
Four sweet marinated piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese, roasted with garlic and served chilled.
*Stuffed Dates
Dates stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese and imported Marcona Spanish almonds.
*Tortilla Espanola
A traditional Spanish staple of potato, eggs and onion. Served topped with hot Jamón Serrano Dressing.
Potato cakes made of baked potato, spices, bleu cheese crumbles and prosciutto served with a spicy cumin garlic cream sauce for dipping.
Spanish White Anchovies in olive oil with and vinegar served with sliced French Baguette.
Asparagus Straws
Five filo wrapped asparagus spears with Parmesan cheese baked and served with spicy chipotle aioli.
Citrus marinated Bay Shrimp mixed with Fuego Pico de Gallo and served with tortilla chips.
*Chilled Calamares
Calamari rings and tentacles served chilled, tossed in a lime Chipotle vinaigrette on a bed of fresh greens garnished with tomatoes and green onion.
Lobster Puffs
A blend of lobster meat, cream cheese, and spices served warm on herbed flatbread.
*Prociutto Wrapped Scallops
Three large deep sea scallops wrapped in procuittp, dipped in a lightly spiced herbed garlic butter then charbroiled.
*Shrimp Torpedoes
Jalapeño peppers stuffed with shrimp, cream cheese and cheddar cheese, wrapped with bacon then baked and topped with Spicy Chipotle BBQ sauce.
A traditional dish of Salted Cod lightly seasoned, floured, and topped with a sweetly spiced tomato sauce.
Garlic Shrimp
A dozen peeled shrimp sautéed in a creamy white wine garlic sauce served with a sliced rustic roll.
*Charbroiled Tiger Prawns
Three large charbroiled prawns served with a mildly spicy orange marmalade.
Skewers del Fuego
Choice of Filet Mignon or chicken breast marinated in a Pasilla & Serrano Chili pepper marinade.
Basque Chorizo a la Brasa
Basgue chorizo charbroiled and served with house made honey mustard sauce for dipping.
Four Spanish Meatballs with Mediterranean Spices topped with a tomato basil sauce.
*Baseball Cut Top Sirloin
Eight ounce Choice Center "Baseball Cut" Top Sirloin seasoned and charbroiled to perfection. A home run!
Pork Medallions
Four medallions sautéed with garlic and herbs, served topped with Bleu Cheese crumbles and a creamy roasted red bell pepper and sun dried tomato sauce.
Spanish Hot Chocolate & Churros
Traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate with cinnamon sugared churros for dipping.
*Flan Sinfonia
Traditional creamy Flan custard with Tia Maria sauce.
Fresh Berries al Fuego
Blue berries, raspberries and black berries on a bed of mildly spicy, sweet balsamic citrus reduction, topped with sweet cream and served with a Madeleine pastry.

"You are invited to come enjoy Fuego and see for yourself"